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Teaser Trailer: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

December 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Oooooo… Aside from the now-cliche “BWAAAAAHM”-like sounds, a la Inception, this first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, looks quite awesome (as all teaser trailers aim to be, ’cause they don’t show much plot).

What can we tell about the new movie from this trailer? Well, how about the fact that it looks to be very earthbound — or, at the very least, a planet with a large humanoid population… but most likely Earth. More evidence to this fact is that we also see what is most likely the Enterprise rising up from a large body of water. How crazy is that?!

Star Trek Into DarknessThe still-unnamed villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is obviously holding a grudge against someone, though whether it’s Starfleet in general, someone on the Enterprise crew, or some combination of the two is obviously not revealed in this brief trailer. And, frankly, I hope it’s the first one, at least initially, ’cause if it’s too much of a personal grudge, at least initially, too many parallels could possibly be drawn between this film and Wrath of Khan.

Speaking of which, we also get to see Kirk fighting someone who possibly has some sort of superhuman strength, based on the fact that he’s leaping through the air and swinging around a very large, heavy-looking weapon. Could Cumberbatch and/or his henchmen be genetically enhanced, like Khan? Or has he encountered some anomaly that has caused these enhancements, like Gary Mitchell in the original series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? I hope it’s someone original, but I wouldn’t mind a few nods and references to either character, either. Gary Mitchell already featured in the comic tie-in series to J.J. Abrams’ films, and so that would be kind of redundant anyway and would suck for the comic creators, being written out of canon so fast and so definitively.

And, finally, who’s the blonde girl being played by Alice Eve who we only see fleeting glimpses of? A few possibilities exist in some original characters that haven’t yet been introduced to the Abrams films: Yeoman Janice Rand is one possibility. Given the blue uniform, however, my guess is that it’s Nurse Christine Chapel, a character originally played by Gene Roddenbarry’s wife, Majel Barrett and mentioned off screen in the first film.

Of course, we’ll probably get no official answers until the movie comes out, as it should be. But it’s fun to speculate, all the same! And in case you didn’t get enough of the trailer, why not watch this Japanese version, which has an extra bit of nostalgia at the end that will be familiar to many Trek fans:

A Casual Update – or, What’s Going On in CJ’s Rather Boring Life?

August 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Just a quick update today, as I’ve not been feeling too well. I figured I’d do a little bit of writing, however, and take some time out to discuss what’s been up in my own life for once — for a blog, I just don’t write that much about myself, it seems, so I think it’d be nice to do now that I’m feeling all tired and such.

Up until today, the most exciting thing that happened recently in my movie-watching life was my pre-ordered copies of The AristocatsThe Rescuers films, and Pocahontas arriving in the mail.

I sent this picture to my mom and sister that day just to brag. :)

I’m a huge fan of Disney animation, and with these films and the upcoming Cinderella, I will have 26 of the 52 Disney Animated Feature films, spanning DVD and Blu-Ray, a number that includes this year’s really fun-looking release, Wreck-it-Ralph:


A long time ago, when I first started this blog, I intended to start something going down every single Disney animated feature, as well as Pixar’s, but those kinda fell to the wayside. I’m still planning on it, however, and I’m just figuring out the logistics of how that’s going to work, exactly. Perhaps it’ll be along the lines of my Ultimate Evolving Superhero Films List, but I kind of wanted to go deeper into the films, too, so who knows? I’ll figure something out, though!

Speaking of that list, by the way, after all the superhero stuff I’ve been covering lately, part of me has been drifting towards older movies. In the past week or so, I’ve watched Sabrina, which features a very endearing performance by Audrey Hepburn and even a surprisingly sweet performance by Humphrey Bogart, whose only other movie I have seen, I am ashamed to say, was just Casablanca, which I also rented this past weekend, along with American Psycho, which isn’t exactly old and was certainly new for me. (I enjoyed it, if you’re wondering.)

Casablanca - Paul Henreid, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart

The only love triangle guaranteed to make you not wish you were bashing your head into a wall.

Same goes for Glengarry Glen Ross, which showed up on Netflix streaming this week and was an amazing experience. All the actors in that movie are hamming it up in the most awesome way, with Al Pacino actually having to keep his head above his costars, including Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, and Ed Harris, who are also stellar. Not to overlook Kevin Spacey, that is, who puts in a comparatively understated performance as the office manager (or whatever his title was) whom nobody likes. Again, however, that’s not exactly an old movie so much as it is an older movie.

I also threw on The Shop Around the Corner one late night, which came with my copy of You’ve Got Mail, and I’ve got to be honest — it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I know it’s a beloved classic, and I’m not going to begrudge anyone who does love it, but I found it rather… droll. Perhaps it’s my unreasonable love for the snappier remake, but I did enjoy the lead performances in Shop, despite not being much of a fan of the film itself. Perhaps a second, non-late night viewing is in order.

But the oldest film I watched recently was 1933’s King Kong, which was prompted after my buying the masterful 2005 remake at my local Bookman’s for a steal. It was my first viewing, and I can honestly say that the spectacle, if not the special effects, holds up very well, even today, and I thought that the stop motion effects and camera tricks were fantastic. According to this Roger Ebert review, the projection screen they used for some of the background effects was pieced together from condoms! How hilarious is that? I must also note that I watched the ’76 remake, too, before watching the original, each for the first time. It was an interesting experience going back in time, almost like tracing back the history of the story, from 2005 back to 1933. I can honestly say that I consider the 1933 and 2005 versions to be brilliant, but the 1976 modernized version is pretty awful. I plan on doing a review of each of these films soon, once I finish up that Superhero Films List — part 3, the final initial increment of the list, is still coming!

King Kong (1976) - Kong, the king

Yup. They put a crown on him in this one, just to make the title more clear.

Another goal of mine is to commemorate director Tony Scott, whose work I have honestly not been the biggest fan of, but he was a director whose style I nonetheless admired, with his gritty . I enjoyed Top Gun far more than I expected, cheesiness and all, when I first watched it a while ago, and Unstoppable was great fun and illustrates that a good action film doesn’t necessarily have to have a central villain. I also happen to think that Man on Fire is an underrated thriller, so expect a review of that to come, as well. It’s truly sad when we lose great talents, and it’s even sadder when it likely could have been prevented. I send my condolences to his family and hope that they have the support that they need at this difficult time.

Shifting gears, I previously said that my Disney movies were the most exciting thing happening this week, up until today. That’s because I bought myself a new laptop, which I’d been meaning to do for quite some time, but had to save up for it. Here’s the super awesome deal that I got that was only a little more than I expected to pay:

How is this relevant? Well, basically, this is going to enable me to write more and get more active with my writing. I had a laptop last year that crapped out on me before I started The Viewer’s Commentary, and, honestly, I miss it dearly. I have a hard time keeping focus, and staying in one place is really hard. When my laptop died last year, I had to get a cheap computer, fast, as I had nothing else. The desktop I’m currently writing on, a Compaq bought off the shelf no less, was a used computer I got from my buddy for $200 and has done an admirable job in the past year and a half, but I miss the intimacy of a laptop and the ability to move around wherever and whenever I wanted without having to abandon my work.

This should rock!

This new machine, which I only found tonight, but have been saving up for unknowingly for the past several paychecks, has Blu-Ray built in, so I’ll finally be able to take more screenshots on my own, rather than searching for them on the web. Seriously, this is going to hopefully allow me to write more and be more mobile, rather than having to sit in my uncomfortable chair in my room, and even if I go visit my family 100 miles away, I can finally take a computer with me and update from there when everyone else has gone to bed. Now all I have to do is get in the habit!

So, that’s what’s going on in my life these days, at least as far as my movie viewing habits goes. I’m planning on seeing ParaNorman this weekend, as I’ve been given a Groupon movie pass from my boss to a local theatre, so, huzzah! Expect a theatrical review of that, too!

Trailer: “Skyfall” Teaser

Hey, everyone! So I’ve got a new review coming which I will be working on tonight:K-Pax. It’s kind of an odd film starring Kevin Spacey that came out quite a while ago, and, while, it was on my radar at the time, I mostly ignored it when the reviews started coming in denouncing its quality. It currently holds a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, and, really, since then, I’d kinda forgotten it existed up until I decided to outsource my viewing habits to a friend who doesn’t really watch movies. Oddly enough, that was his suggestion. How did I like it? Well, you’ll just have to read the review. How’s that for a tease?

Anyway, speaking of teasers (How do you like that segue?), Kevin Spacey’s friend Sam Mendes (I assume they’re friends since Spacey was in Mendes’ big break, American Beauty, but that may be me being naive about how Hollywood platonic relationships work) has a new teaser trailer out, and it’s for a film that looks much better than K-Pax — at least from an aesthetic perspective. The teaser trailer, of course, is for the next James Bond film, Skyfall:

So, what does this tell us about the next Bond film? Well… not much, really. Starts out with a few word associations as Bond is debriefed/interrogated(?) as onlookers M (Dame Judi Dench), Agent Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), and I believe MI6 Chief of Staff Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear, whose work I’m not too familiar with) look on with concern. Bond seems to keep his cool, even sort of reveling in his clever association with the word “murder” and “employment,” but when they come to the word “Skyfall,” it all suddenly turns grim as Bond flashes back to the mission and ends the session.

Obviously, this being a teaser trailer and all, very little plot is given away, but we do know that the plot deals with an attack on MI6 and Bond’s loyalty to M and the agency. This jibes with the images of coffins draped with the Union Jack and Bond stating in the end, “Some men are coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.” Much of what comes in between is standard fare for teasers, banging music and all. New locales, a few brief, ambiguous explosions and scenes of Bond either staring intently in exotic locales or engaging in daring acts of violence and destruction, and, of course, a few brief glimpses at the Bond girls, Naomi Harris and Bérénice Marlohe.

That all being said, this does look to be one of the prettiest Bond films. I think the imagery is very strong in this film. It’s dark with accents of neon color, but, at least from what I can tell from the trailer, not in a sense that the film looks tacky like, say, Mission: Impossible II did (and that was an ugly action film). Sam Mendes has an eye for visuals, and so I’m expecting this to at least be a great-looking film.

What don’t we see in this trailer? Aside from more plot, we still don’t have any glimpses of Javier Bardem as the film’s villain, nor do we see the return of the long absent gadget-supplier Q, who is making his re-debut in this film with the much younger Ben Winshaw taking the place once filled by Desmond Llewelyn and briefly by Peter Burton (Dr. No) and John Cleese (Die Another Day).

Altogether, it’s a serviceable teaser, but not much else. It got me excited, however, but then again, that’s what it’s supposed to do and the film could still turn out crap despite any number of trailers. We’ll just have to wait for more meaty trailers to come out in the meantime before we pass judgment on whether this looks worthy enough to satiate our desires for another Casino Royale. In the meantime (shameless plug alert, why not go speculate about who will do the theme song for this film by checking out my overview of all the Bond themes up to this point?

Here are your convenient links:

James Bond: The Themes – Part 1

James Bond: The Themes – Part 2

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #3

I kinda missed updating last week. I promise to you and myself that I will have a new review up this week, but I kinda needed a mental break and had a lot going on. To ease back into things, how about a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, eh?

So, what do you think? Like the new Batwing (or whatever its equivalent is in this film)? Like the eerie No Man’s Land vibe of the trailer? This its definitely more of a larger scale movie than the first two films, that’s for sure!

The new glimpses of Catwoman are pretty interesting. I’d previously thought that they had possibly made her it to be a reluctant(?) henchwoman for Bane, but it looks like they’re going with the antihero after all, though she definitely still has tires to Bane in some way, since you hear Bruce asking her questions about him.

Bane looks pretty fierce himself and is also notably more intelligible than previous audio from him showed. Dare I say it, but it does sound a bit… off, but we all hour through The Dark Knight despite Christian Bale’s apparently chronic throat condition and it was still a brilliant film.

Notably, we also get way more footage of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character, albeit in silent clips of his reactions to the happenings in Gotham. He’s still fairly shrouded in mystery, and, to be honest, I’m kinda glad since I’ve pretty much a given that so many other spoilers are likely to reveal themselves as truth. It’s nice having one original character who can be dealt with in so many ways and who brings up so many questions, isn’t it? Like, why do we see him kneeling as if in the presence of… something? I don’t know if it’s malevolent or not, and that is probably going to help bring a great deal of tension to the role.

I’m obviously a Batman fan, as the past few weeks have proven (I promise my next review will be of a very different type of film), so to say that I’m extremely excited for this film is an understatement…

“The Avengers” – Theatrical Trailer #2

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow. If this is somehow not as awesome as it looks, I well be very sad!

Please, Lord, let 2012 be a repeat of the awesome Iron Man / The Dark Knight summer of 2008!


Trailer: “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”

December 13, 2011 2 comments

I don’t know how I feel about this. The first movie looked fun and ended up being a boring, loud mess, and while this one looks a little better, I’m a bit wary if director John Chu, whose last directing credit was the Justin Bieber bio pic, Never Say Never. Before that? The two Step Up sequels, which let’s face it, are just as much about spectacle as you’d expect from a movie based on a line of action figures. Plus, this one has friggin’ Bruce Willis, one of the biggest action stars in film history. That’s gotta count for something right?

Trading in "Yipee ki-yay" for "Yo Joe!"

Who knows? Maybe this’ll be completely awesome! Definitely looks more polished than its Stephen Sommers-directed predecessor. Maybe dance movies are the new music video, and their directors are likewise due to rise up with the likes of music video directors who have been recognized for their filmmaking talents like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and even David Fincher? … Or maybe he’ll be another Michael Bay or McG… And how long until the Transformers crossover?

“The Avengers” Trailer is Out!

October 11, 2011 1 comment

If you were one of the more knowledgeable viewers who stayed until the end of Iron Man‘s credits in theatres just to see Tony Stark meet Nick Fury, you were no doubt excited by the possibilities his appearance hinted at.

Then, if you saw the end of The Incredible Hulk or even one of its trailers, you saw Tony meet with General Ross about his “unusual problem,” and maybe even heard the rumors about Captain America being hidden away in a deleted scene on the DVD, and you just knew Marvel was building up to something big.

Well, wait no more: After years of cameo appearances and little Easter eggs hidden throughout the introductory films, including an official teaser trailer, the official first theatrical trailer for director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers is here — and it’s awesome! Watch it in HD if you can!


… Yeah, I cannot wait for next summer.

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