Hello, and welcome to The Viewer’s Commentary! My name is CJ Stewart, and I will be your host this… whatever time period it is that you’re reading this…

The reason this site exists is, basically, because I love movies. I can honestly say that there isn’t a genre of film that I won’t give a chance. I’ve seen everything from horror films to romantic comedies and can honestly say that I’ve both loved and hated films within each genre, and even a few in between. (Indeed, Shaun of the Dead is among my favorite films.)

I can’t exactly explain why I love movies as it is my opinion that various movies exist for various reasons, and it doesn’t matter whether the movie takes some grand stand about the nature of humanity or makes a point of existing for the sake of inducing a few stupid laughs — just about every film out there has a considerable value to it just by being made by a person with a perspective, for people with perspectives.

Aside from my own personal interests, I hope that I can help get others more involved in what they watch without getting snooty about it. This site isn’t necessarily about the actors, the directors, or all the esoteric facts regarding masterpieces but about what you, the general audience, can take from your viewing experiences.

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