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In Honor of Father’s Day: Guy Movie Month!

Die Hard - Bruce Willis as John McClane

So I did Girly Movie Month for May in honor of Mother’s Day in honor of my mom, who, on top of being a female, is also quite girly. Naturally, my first thought after starting that was, “What am I going to do in honor of Father’s Day?”

My stepdad is quite a man’s man, coming from a family that originates in Texas. Naturally, my inclination was to do a month of reviewing nothing but “manly” movies — stuff like Die Hard, BraveheartCasino Royale, and Man on Fire. But that sounded incredibly bland. Even as a guy, I can only take so many action movies starring burly action stars.

As such, what I decided upon was something that allowed me to be a bit more flexible in my reviews, a theme that would allow me to incorporate not just those manly movies, but films from a slightly broader selection of genres. The solution? Guy Movie Month!

Superbad - On the gound!

Male bonding has its sensitive side, too, you know.

Guy Movie Month will focus on movies specifically designed to appeal to the male demographic, whether they be action, comedy, or even coming of age films. This way, films like Shaun of the Dead and Superbad will also make it in, and I won’t have to watch film after film of sweaty men killing people all the time and thus avoiding my mind from going numb. Hope you enjoy it as much as you did Girly Movie Month — even if you’re not a guy!

Disclaimer: Incidental reviews of theatrical films during this time will not be counted as “guy” movies, unless, of course, they are actually a “guy” movie.


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