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So Much For March!: An Update on Scheduling and Timing…

You ever have those periods of time when a big change happens in your life, and this causes a sort of ripple effect that unexpectedly knocks you off your feet and you can’t quite sort yourself out again? I’m feeling that way right now, what with the recent challenges of getting this whole living on my own thing sorted out right now. All this time to myself (after work, of course), and I’ve certainly been using it to watch lots of movies, but I’ve also had to slowly but surely get my apartment together, something that’s been somewhat of a challenge considering the fact that I’ve just never been the tidiest person on earth.

Meet my new roommates!

Meet my new roommates!

So, needless to say, what with the move, the cleanup, the much-needed 11-day vacation, and work, I’ve been having a sort of scheduling issue this past month, and I feel sort of guilty for having neglected my blog for so long. Heck, I had completely intended on running a review of The Passion of the Christ for Easter Sunday, but I spent most of that time debating whether or not I was willing to put myself through such a brutal film once again just in the name of a review. Ultimately, that evolved into a list of films about redemption, but going down to visit my family for Easter proved to be a priority. I’m just in need of figuring out the scheduling again, especially now that I’m responsible for 100% of my meals instead of, like, 75%, when I had a human roommate. I know that these are famous last words, but this site is not dead, though, and I’m already working on my next review. It’s just a matter of sorting things out and not starting reviews at, like 11PM.

So, yeah, so much for March. Hello, April!

See? Not dead...

See? Not dead…

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